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My friends and I started our brand in Saint Petersburg, Russia, driven by the belief that sports should be accessible to everyone. That's why we chose the name: "I want, I can, and I do."


Our "a-ha" moment came when we stumbled upon a sledge hockey game by chance. The game was electric: the atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy, and every player and spectator was beaming with happiness. It was more invigorating than some professional hockey games. We were hooked.


The reality in Russia is that ice hockey, especially sledge hockey, is an expensive sport that most families cannot afford. After brainstorming for a few days, we decided to launch a personal capsule project that would draw attention to sledge hockey in Russia, which lacks funding and is practically non-existent as a team sport.

Our assortment plan is designed to provide players and their parents with simple yet essential items to stay warm while on or around the ice. We developed a line of hoodies, t-shirts, pants, track suits, and beanies that underwent rigorous testing, including our own bathtubs and washing machines, to ensure they would not peel or fade easily. Our hoods feature dual-colored double layering to withstand the cold, and we used authentic hockey laces as drawstrings to maintain a "very hockey" feel, as some of our customers have said.

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After a few weeks of preparation, including designing, sourcing fabrics from Turkey, and finding a local factory, we were finally ready to start our business. We began with a few targeted Instagram campaigns that sparked interest in our brand and generated calls, texts, and emails. We had no store or website, so our first batches were sold out of my car near the rinks, in any weather. To our amazement, we sold out our initial stock within just a few weeks.

A positive message with attitude that applies to everyday life – that's what I believe resonated with so many people and made the brand special. It was like a secret club, where strangers recognized each other on the streets and bonded over a shared vision. They would smile and point to a t-shirt or a hat, knowing that their purchase would directly support a child's dream of playing hockey.


All of the money that were made from sales were used in purchasing hockey gear for the kids in need.

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sledge kids
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