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The making of the Easton Raptor

This was a promotional video made to introduce the helmet to the Lacrosse world, explain the process being the product, and show people that were involved with the project.


 "This baby is the end result of decades of lacrosse experience meeting genius design skill, blended together with Easton’s ridiculous resources and a drive to flip the game on its rear. And we have to say, they did one hell of a job! The Raptor is everything lax players have been dreaming of in lacrosse helmets. Its shell is made of a single piece of polycarbonate, with a single-piece, impact-absorbing EPP foam liner heat-bonded to the inside. What does all that jargon mean for you? Well basically, the Raptor Helmet is the lightest lacrosse helmet in the world (1.8 lbs / 28.8 ounces). That’s feather light. Leaf-in-the-wind light. Obscenely, should-be-illegal, outright ludicrously light!"

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